How to Feel Like a Goddess

How to Feel Like a Goddess

Sometimes you just feel like shit. There’s no way to put it nicely. Sometimes life beats you into a pulp and you just want to curl into the fetal position under a layer of blankets until the next rotation of the sun. I’ve learnt that when I get into one of those funks, there are a few little things that will make me feel like the goddess I truly am again, or at least a little more human.

Drink water

I know it seems like pretty standard behaviour, but people totally underestimate the damper dehydration can put on their mood. Slurp down a litre of h2o and you’ll be feeling better in no time

Have a dance party

Turn up your favourite song as loud as you can and just groove. The science behind it is that moving your body releases all those happy endorphins, but I don’t need science to tell you that dancing uninhibited around your bedroom is just FUN. My personal dance beats are Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like a Woman and anything from the Barbie Pool Party Mix (though the Slumber Party and Birthday Party mixes are pretty good too) Whether you’re in your underwear, with a friend, or throwing down with your favourite childhood stuffed toy, the details are unimportant. Just make sure to have the volume so loud you can’t hear your parent’s telling you to turn it down.

Get your snail on

MOISTURISE people! If ever I’m trying to practice self-love, you can guarantee the texture of my skin is sitting somewhere between dolphin and slug. I like to use lotions with relaxing scents like lavender and vanilla – they make me smell pretty and are also super calming.

Make breakfast with someone you love

Your mum, your brother, your best friend, any number of people will work. Some of my favourite memories are flitting around the kitchen in an old holy t-shirt, picking at half-cooked pancakes and gossiping about boys. Just grab a loved one, a mashed banana, a cup of flour, and enough almond milk to get your mixture to a pouring consistency.

Download Tinder

Okay. This one might seem a little absurd. I know Tinder is basically just a hub of fuckboys. But trust me on this one. Sometimes, if nothing else will do the trick, you just need a little extra validation. I just Tinder as an instant confidence boost. Spend an hour swiping right, and after you get sick of seeing the “It’s a Match!” screen pop up, delete the app and continue about your life as usual.

Now, no one can tell you what self-care skills are gonna work for you. Every person is different. So I called up some friends and asked what they did when life was getting them down. Not everything will work for you, but hopefully something here will, and you can start creating your own list of self-care skills.

“I light my favourite candle, slather on a Lush face mask and spend half an hour just chilling out and reading a good book. Works wonders.”

“I catch a tram into the city. Headphones in, I walk around amongst all the hustle and bustle. Something about all the concrete and people makes me realise the world is so much bigger than my little worries.”

“Easy – a bubble bath! They’re warm and smell good and wash away my stress.”

“Crime shows. I order shitty Indian food and binge watch something like CSI: Miami. It’s the dead bodies man, you don’t worry about a grades or acne when you’re looking at dead bodies.”

Maybe none of these things will help you. Maybe you’re the kind of person that feels best when they’re buying a new pair of vintage platforms or maybe you’re the kind of person that likes to bake a cake and lick the bowl clean. Whatever it is, you’ll find it. Figuring out the best way to love and honour yourself takes time.


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