Local Eats – The Breakfast Edition

Local Eats – The Breakfast Edition

If you’re anything like me, the biggest issue when you move to a new place is knowing where to eat. For those of you new to Melbourne, visiting the city, or just looking to spice up your breakfast life, I’ve compiled a list of all the best breakfasts I’ve found over the past four months.

dsc1180.jpgBest Coffee – La Miel et La Lune: This was a tough decision, and also the most important one. If we’re being entirely honest, I wasn’t that big on coffee before moving to Melbourne, but the coffee culture here is massive, and before I knew it, I was addicted. A zombie without my morning cuppa, I’ve tried almost every brew from Brighton Beach to Brunswick Street, and can confidently announce that these guys makes a ripper of a coffee. Close proximity to Melbourne Uni and a creamy soy latte earn these guys the title of top dog.

Best Avocado Toast – Hash Specialty Coffee: In spite of its name, their coffee is pretty lack-lustre. But the avo toast, my god. Sprinkled with Middle Eastern spices and topped with juicy cherry tomatoes, this flavour explosion beats your average avocado toast. Just ask for no feta to make it vegan.

Best Porridge – Uncommon: I’ll be the first to admit that porridge doesn’t sound that appealing, but Chapel Street’s Uncommon recently switched up their menu df138b6d0db1effbe96af7848ea1652aand now offer a vegan alternative to their organic millet porridge. Poached honeydew melon, bananas, pepitas, strawberries – it has the perfect mixture of flavours and textures that will leave you wanting more (I’ve considered a second bowl on more than one occasion).

Best Corn Fritters – Yellow Bird: OK, so I’ll admit something… Whilst I’m hardcore anti meat and dairy, when I’m eating out I’ll consume the occasional egg… Only if there’s no other options, and only if the eggs are free range, but still not the best thing for my body, the planet or the animals. This Mexican inspired dish can be made dairy free and boasts the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted. If you’re a bad vegan like me, or just a plain old meat eater, definitely check these bad boys out.

Best Fruit Toast – Stovetop: I know you’re probably thinking that fruit toast is one of the dullest foods you’ve ever heard of, but trust me, this is different. I’d already eaten when I got to my friend’s house and she suggested we brunch, so I ordered the fruit toast with expectations that I was here for the company more than the food. Boy was I wrong. Chewy, gooey figs, walnut chunks, and the cakey-est bread mix I’ve ever tried. I think about this fruit toast at least twice a week.

tumblr_nkrsmeEcJq1s121d1o3_1280.jpgBest Chai Tea – Vertue Coffee: As previously mentioned, I was never a big coffee drinker before Melbourne, and can only handle about a cup a day before my body goes into shock. Thus, I’m huge on chai’s. Tough to put a foot wrong with a creamy, cinnamon-y mug of goodness.


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