June Faves

June Faves

IMG_4951.JPGWorld Until Yesterday by Daniel J. Townsend
Six months ago, a close friend gifted me a collection of songs by a man from the tiny island on the edge of the earth where I grew up. A collation of personal stories and histories retold, Townsend’s voice has a way of weaving a tale that is absolutely magical. Something about his music has the power to move me to tears no matter how many times I’ve put this album onto repeat. Tracks 9 and 12 are my favourite. The album is so precious to me, and the importance Townsend places on Tasmanian history warms my heart. Dubbed as “fantastically poetic,” (The Dwarf) and “uniquely brilliant,” (Drumbeat) I’m not alone in my love for Townsend’s work, and I know he’ll pull at your heart strings too.

Buy/listen to the album here.

Vegan Nachos
I have been OBSESSED with vegan nachos of late, to the point of concern really. I recently discovered UberEats – it’s one of those food delivery services but it’s FREE. No delivery fee, no minimum purchase amount. During exam period I spent a week curled up studying like a hermit and the number of takeout bags I accumulated was honestly embarrassing. Vegan sour cream is my new favourite thing (though I still can’t stomach vegan cheese). Also who doesn’t love some guac and beans. I don’t need to convince you Mexican food is delicious.

Self -Help by Lorrie MooreIMG_4949.JPG
This collection of short stories came into my life right when I needed it. Though it’s not technically a self-help book, for me it’s a guide to adulthood, a safety blanket for all the times you feel alone and a reminder that you’re allowed to be imperfect. A documentation of human moments.

Buy the book on Amazon or Book Depository.

Velvet Pants
I try to avoid fast-fashion for the most part, but I was visiting my dad in Singapore in January and let’s just say their op-shopping scene isn’t the best (and by that I mean, they don’t even have one). I ended up in Zara with a few hours to spare and came out with three pairs of velvet pants – some paisley flares, dusty pink drawstrings and a plain black pair. Now that the weather is finally cooling off, they’ve been practically glued to my body. Comfy, cosy, practically pyjamas but it’s acceptable to wear them out of the house. They might be a little daunting to style at first but do yourself a favour and get a pair into your life.

Ice Skating
I hit up a rink with some friends and had totally forgotten how to stand up straight, and ended up on my ass more than once. But no matter. Ice skating is still the cutest winter activity there is. Not to mention the cute hockey players hanging out and practicing most of the time. If you’re Melbourne based, hit up the rink in Fed Square!

My extensive candle collection has seriously shrunk over the past month – the cold weather sends me into a burning spree. I love filling my apartment with the warm, gooey, sweet scent of Glasshouse’s Tahaa, or if I’m just in the mood for some flickering candlelight to read by, I burn cheap Reject Shop candles. You’ll be amazed the difference a little candlelight can make to the vibe your space gives off.


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