Hello Again, Spring.

Hello Again, Spring.

Spring time. A time for saying goodbye to Winter’s lull. A time for saying hello to new adventures and new friends and a newfound enthusiasm for life. A time for beauty, everywhere you look. A time to appreciate. A time to smile. Last weekend I ran under the stars in a little black dress for the first time since Autumn. My friends and I laughed so much it ached.


I went for a drive to the countryside with two good friends the other day. We drove into the sunset playing Honey Bones and stared at the sea of green and thought ‘this is the most beautiful place in the whole world’. We became friends with a fawn, and jumped a fence or two. We cried for roadkill. I shooed a baby calf off the road and back into its paddock.

There is a lot of good here. The creative minds I have found myself surrounded with amaze me. They keep me grounded in a place that we all love, but feel I have to leave. It’s a beautiful but heartbreaking thing, being a young person here. Conversations inevitably drift to the question of going or staying. Island syndrome. Gratitude mixes with daydreams of warmer places. I yearn to leave but am in love with my life here.




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