Alice’s Wardrobe

Alice’s Wardrobe

Barista, musician, tattoo collector – Alice Headlam – gives us a peek into her secondhand wardrobe; full of stories, pretty patterns, and an effortless cool.

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favourite item in your wardrobe:
this grey t-shirt. I’ve had this comfy mofo for three years. Got it from the mens’ section of an op-shop. It came with a hole in it that has never gotten bigger. What more could you want in a grey t-shirt?

something you love but never wear:
I got this dress from an op-shop and just loved it. It’s see-through and I always think I’ll wear it but it’s a little too cheeky.

something you feel sexy in:
mini skirts are always something you feel cute in. This one in particular is sweet ‘cos it’s American Apparel and it makes my butt look good. It’s also a staple piece so I can feel sexy and comfy at the same time. Being comfy is sexy.

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something with a really great memory attached to it:
Bought this shirt on an amazing first date with an amazing person. I pretty much got it ‘cos they said I looked cute.

best op-shop score:
These Nikes are just a dream come true. I love the colour scheme, the vintage vibes. I think I screamed a bit when I saw these sitting on the shelf in one of my favourite op-shops in Tasmania.

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something you really wanna wear but can’t because of the weather:
Queensland heat won’t let me wear this jumper or these overalls. I can’t wait until I can snuggle up in a big over-sized jumper.

something you would wear to a disco:
I’d wear this dress because when I think of a disco, I think of dancing! I would want to be able to move on the dance floor. It has an 80’s-vibe leopard print on it which would look cool with glitter and a silver ribbon in my hair.

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your favourite band shirt:
I got this from an op-shop for $3. So many people have tried to buy it from me or steal it. I wear it to so many parties and somehow I still have it.

most anticipated item in your wardrobe:
holy cow! This backpack was meant to be mine. This bag is the reason I love recycled clothing. I have always been taught by my fam that vintage, secondhand and antique things are cool. I have only come to really appreciate this in the last few years. I had wanted this backpack for so long but they are so expensive! There was this perfect backpack sitting in a vintage shop just for me! I was so excited. Days like this are the best.

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☆ Photography & direction by Tabitha Hulbert-Dempsey. Follow me here


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