Harry; Steph and Fraser, my bedroom, 2016

I’m turning 20 on Sunday. I was talking to a friend the other day about how we can become nostalgic about our own life, and how I already am getting nostalgic about my teen years, like they were long ago. But in reality, they were only a few years ago; this time last year; last week. Anyway, here are some moments I captured of them. They were spent in the sleepy towns and beaches of Tasmania, with friends as special as the sunsets and starry skies surrounding them. They were beautiful and cliche and exciting. And I know my twenties are going to be just the same.

My heart aches when I look at these pictures. Sometimes it’s because I long to be back in those moments, back on the chilly pink-skied beaches that make me feel alive, and the cold winter nights with stars brighter than anywhere on earth. But then I realise I can return to those moments whenever I like, wherever I am, because they are infinite in my memory. And sometimes my heart aches just because I’m so incredibly grateful and astonished that these moments happened.

Now that I’m living in Queensland, I sometimes think about my life in Tasmania and wonder ‘did that actually happen? Was that really my life? What did I do to deserve all of that beauty?’ and I feel like a little old lady daydreaming about her youth. My youth is still here, right in front of me, yet I feel the need to obsessively document it as it slips away.

Maybe it’s because society tells you to savour these days, to ‘live while you’re still young’ as if life stops once you reach a certain age, and all you do from that point on is daydream about the past. Like your life becomes redundant. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that life and beauty and adventure is exclusive to being young. I really don’t. And I really hope I can keep that opinion, even when I’m obsessively documenting my age, my wisdom, and my wrinkles. Because they too slip away, and are beautiful in their own right.

Why is it laughable to say that I don’t want the words “I wish I was that young again,” to ever leave my mouth?

Bec, Port Sorell, 2015
Alice, Port Sorell, 2013
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Grace, Launceston, 2016
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Bridport, 2016
Josie; Em and Keely, Launceston, 2015
Athalie, Bay of Fires, 2014
Morgan, Melbourne, 2016
Athalie and Daniel, Launceston, 2012
Dylan and Chyene, Lilydale, 2016
Harry, Launceston, 2016
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Em, Port Sorell, 2015
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Fraser, Launceston, 2016
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Alice, Launceston, 2015
Kat and Abi, Launceston, 2016
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Self portrait, Launceston, 2016
Billy & Alice, Launceston, 2015
Morgan, Melbourne, 2016
Harry; Jesse; Lucas and Kyle, Launceston, 2015
Em, Port Sorell, 2015
My bedroom, Launceston, 2016
Keely; Em and Bec; Port Sorell, 2015
My bedroom, 2015
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Lara, Sisters Beach, 2016
Ocean Child in a Concrete Jungle

Ocean Child in a Concrete Jungle

I shot these photos of Morgan-Lee in Melbourne during November. I arrived in the city in the afternoon and she said “let me introduce you to Gladys, the Great Mother.” She took me to this huge old oak tree in Albert Park and we danced around in the golden sun and talked about how important things like trees are. Morgan’s a girl from a little seaside town in Tasmania, living in this huge smokey concrete city. We talked about how it’s kinda scary how her salvation is a non-native tree.






This girl is as sweet as honey. Here is a playlist inspired by her:


photography by @tabbyhd

Alice’s Wardrobe

Alice’s Wardrobe

Barista, musician, tattoo collector – Alice Headlam – gives us a peek into her secondhand wardrobe; full of stories, pretty patterns, and an effortless cool.

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favourite item in your wardrobe:
this grey t-shirt. I’ve had this comfy mofo for three years. Got it from the mens’ section of an op-shop. It came with a hole in it that has never gotten bigger. What more could you want in a grey t-shirt?

something you love but never wear:
I got this dress from an op-shop and just loved it. It’s see-through and I always think I’ll wear it but it’s a little too cheeky.

something you feel sexy in:
mini skirts are always something you feel cute in. This one in particular is sweet ‘cos it’s American Apparel and it makes my butt look good. It’s also a staple piece so I can feel sexy and comfy at the same time. Being comfy is sexy.

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something with a really great memory attached to it:
Bought this shirt on an amazing first date with an amazing person. I pretty much got it ‘cos they said I looked cute.

best op-shop score:
These Nikes are just a dream come true. I love the colour scheme, the vintage vibes. I think I screamed a bit when I saw these sitting on the shelf in one of my favourite op-shops in Tasmania.

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something you really wanna wear but can’t because of the weather:
Queensland heat won’t let me wear this jumper or these overalls. I can’t wait until I can snuggle up in a big over-sized jumper.

something you would wear to a disco:
I’d wear this dress because when I think of a disco, I think of dancing! I would want to be able to move on the dance floor. It has an 80’s-vibe leopard print on it which would look cool with glitter and a silver ribbon in my hair.

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your favourite band shirt:
I got this from an op-shop for $3. So many people have tried to buy it from me or steal it. I wear it to so many parties and somehow I still have it.

most anticipated item in your wardrobe:
holy cow! This backpack was meant to be mine. This bag is the reason I love recycled clothing. I have always been taught by my fam that vintage, secondhand and antique things are cool. I have only come to really appreciate this in the last few years. I had wanted this backpack for so long but they are so expensive! There was this perfect backpack sitting in a vintage shop just for me! I was so excited. Days like this are the best.

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Hello Again, Spring.

Hello Again, Spring.

Spring time. A time for saying goodbye to Winter’s lull. A time for saying hello to new adventures and new friends and a newfound enthusiasm for life. A time for beauty, everywhere you look. A time to appreciate. A time to smile. Last weekend I ran under the stars in a little black dress for the first time since Autumn. My friends and I laughed so much it ached.


I went for a drive to the countryside with two good friends the other day. We drove into the sunset playing Honey Bones and stared at the sea of green and thought ‘this is the most beautiful place in the whole world’. We became friends with a fawn, and jumped a fence or two. We cried for roadkill. I shooed a baby calf off the road and back into its paddock.

There is a lot of good here. The creative minds I have found myself surrounded with amaze me. They keep me grounded in a place that we all love, but feel I have to leave. It’s a beautiful but heartbreaking thing, being a young person here. Conversations inevitably drift to the question of going or staying. Island syndrome. Gratitude mixes with daydreams of warmer places. I yearn to leave but am in love with my life here.